Custom Challenge Coins

Custom Challenge Coins

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Custom Coins With Low Minimum

Ultimate Awards can create a lasting memory for your military unit, police department or law enforcement agency. Our products have the look and feel of quality. Our team of custom coin designers can take any idea or logo and turn it into a beautiful commemorative coin. Custom coins can be purchased with a low 25pc minimum order. We’ll ship anywhere in the world.

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Custom Challenge Coin Options

What choices do I have for my custom challenge coins?

  • Painted or Plain: Metal with or without paint.
  • Size: Select from 1.25″, 1.5″, 1.75 and 2″ diameter
  • Electroplate Finish: Bronze, silver gold or white, pink or green!
  • Edge Style: Choose from  6 different edge styles.

coin edge options

Can you design my coins for me?

Yes! Our graphic design service is free of charge. Suitable for arranging logos and text on your coin. If you require illustration services (ie-a portrait or complex art) there may be additional fees.

coin design service


What is your minimum order?

Our price list starts at 25pc. We can make challenge coins no minimum order but the cost is around $350. Setup fees account for about $250 of any coin order


What colors of plating can I get?

We offer bronze, silver and gold in a variety of finishes from bright, antique and sandblast. You can also get colored base metal like black, red or white.

plating choices for coins

What about paint on my coins?

We can offer you hard or soft enamel. What is the difference between hard and soft enamel pins?

Can you custom engrave or number my coins?

We can deep engrave or laser engrave your coin in sequential numbers or with text of your choice.

What packaging options do I have for my commemorative coins?

The coins come in a free PVC sleeve or a clear plastic round case. We can also sell you collector coin cases for around $2 each.

How long does my order take?

In most cases your order can be custom manufactured and shipped in 3 weeks.

Do you offer free shipping?

Yes! If you order 25pc or more, we’ll ship for free to Canada, USA and the UK. We can ship elsewhere for free or a reduced rate. Just ask!

How do people use commemorative coins?

The biggest user groups for this product are:

  • military and army
  • police
  • firefighter coins
  • quality team awards
History Of The Challenge Coin

This small medallion or coin has roots in the military. Traditionally members of specialized units were given their own quality coin as a keepsake. Members were expected to carry the coin on them during leave and if you were in a pub, and a coin check was issued, the people without coins has to pay the bill for everyone.

These days you can see coins being used as a way to honor any achievement.

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