Custom Challenge Coins 1.25″

Custom Challenge Coins 1.25"

$2.24 - $16.99

Please select a quantity to see your price quote. The setup fee is added to your cart at checkout.

Quantity Price
25 - 49 $16.99
50 - 99 $11.87
100 - 299 $6.64
300 - 499 $4.32
500 - 999 $3.47
1000 - 2999 $2.59
3000+ $2.24
Two Sided Stamping Mold $140.00

Custom Challenge Coins 1.25″

$2.24 - $16.99

Get custom challenge coins from North America’s top-rated supplier. We’ve been creating beautiful and memorable keepsakes since 1971 with custom-designed, commemorative coins.

The 1.25″ size is very popular and affordable. Having two sides is awesome because you can have a logo coin on one side and an inspiring message on the other.

free art and shipping

What’s Included With Custom Challenge Coin Pricing?

  • Pricing for 1.25″ size
  • SETUP FEE: $140 – incl. 2D both sides (why so much?)
  • Any logo text
  • Lead time: 3 weeks
  • You will get an art proof and a chance to review the order before the order is placed
  • Not sure if this is the right size? Get A Quote. 
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What are the steps to making a custom challenge coin?

Our team of experts understands die struck manufacturing, metal finishing and design. We like to work with you to draft a custom coin that works with your art and your budget. Recently we find ourselves used dyed metals a lot more and making our coins less traditional looking. Once you purchase or quote, we’ll start designing your coin and work with you to realize your artistic vision.

What happens after I purchase or request quote?

We strive to respond quickly to customer requests. It’s not unusual to get an art proof and a quote the same day.

We connect with you via email and determine

  • electroplating options
  • painted or plain
  • what art ideas you have and what text
  • size

Once we have all this info, we create a complimentary art proof. We also finalize your quote or invoice at that time. We work with you every step of the way until you are happy and ready to create a beautiful coin!

Manufacturing time varies but is typically 2-3 weeks from the time of art approval.

What is your minimum order?

We can custom manufacture challenge coins at any quantity. We prefer an order of 25pc. The price will be the same for 2 coins as it will 25pc. This is due to the fact the the “tooling” or mold and trimming die, requires about 10  hours to manufacture. Read about setup charges. 

Antique, Bronze Or Pink? Electroplating Coins.

Times and tastes are changing. Many people still like traditional electroplating like bronze, silver and gold. Recently we’ve started doing dyed metal coins so we can offer military green metal, orange, white, black and more. The sky is the limit. Your rep will show you your options for metal finishing. View a more detailed explanation here. 

How much do challenge coins cost?

The pricing you see at the top of this page is likely what you’ll pay. You’ll have the chance to select any electroplate, up to four enamel colours and a free PVC sleeve. If we need to add packaging or other items to your order, we can invoice you separately. This page is designed to handle most custom coin orders. If you have more detailed needs, just hit the get quote button. 

How long does it take to manufacture custom coins?

Most orders require about 3 weeks. The stamping mold and associated tooling requires a day or two to manufacture. So if you are re-ordering, the order moves faster. You can request a shorter timeline. We will not take orders with deadlines of less than 10 working days.