Why Do Setup Fees Cost So Much?
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A lot of customers experience sticker shock when they see the price of setup fees on our custom products. Prices start at about $75 and increase up to $200 for medals. Which begs the question what exactly are you paying for?

The image above shows the die-struck manufacturing process in action. That round, steel piece in the middle is very expensive to manufacture. Our factories use CNC machines to make your art into a stamping mold. This process takes anywhere from 5 to 25 hours depending on the complexity of your design.

In actual fact, every manufacturer loses money on the setup fee. That piece of machine grade steel you see probably costs $50.

How Do I Save Money On Setup Fees?

The best way to reduce your setup costs is to order more pins or medals. This amortizes the costs across a larger quantity .

If you are ordering 25pc it’s still pretty affordable, as most orders land in the $300 range. Typically the setup fees cost between $77 and $180 of any given order. After all you are getting a unique, one of a kind sports award to give away at your next event!

You can also consider our stock products which have lower minimum order quantities.

Your stamping mold is kept on file for 2 years.