Lapel Pins

Lapel Pins

Custom Lapel Pins

Ultimate Promotions has been a leading supplier of custom lapel pins since 1971. We can turn your team logo, company logo or art into a custom lapel pin.

We can also recognize your volunteers with recognition pin programs. 

Choose from custom enamel pins, die struck pins, metal pins, die cast pins and more.

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hard vs soft enamelCustom Soft Enamel Pins

Get customized enamel pins with a low minimum order requirement. Our colored pins are decorated with liquid epoxy enamel with a unique, paint injection process. This process is popular with artists and creatives and is what is driving the enamel pin trend. This process allows for colored metal like black, white or even pink. This removes a lot of design restrictions present in the die struck manufacturing process. This process uses a lot less paint and costs about 40% less than hard enamel.

Custom Hard Enamel Pins

The hard enamel process delivers the look and feel of quality.  Perfect for uniform pins for police or firefighters or for employee pin programs.    The enamel with this process is level with the surface of the pin.  Hard enamel pins have the paint level with the surface. They cost more than soft enamel.

Custom Printed Pins

Manufacturing pins is very different from a printing press. And yet most designs that arrive at our door are made for print and web. Sometimes we need to consider digitally printed pins. This process streamlines the art and design process and is also faster to make. At the 300pc level this product becomes very affordable. Perfect for mass giveaways as well.

Metal Lapel Pins

Sometimes it makes sense to leave the paint off the pin and rely on electroplating. This process colors the metal with either bronze, silver or gold. We can also try sandblasting the pins or antiquing them. gold silver bronze pins

Die Struck Lapel Pins

We manufacture the majority of our pins using the die struck method.  This process involves engraving a design in mold steel, backwards so that stampings can be made. The “die” portion of the process has to do with the trimming tie used to remove the excess material after stamping.

Die struck lapel pin manufacturing