Custom Soft Enamel Pins

Custom Soft Enamel Pins

custom soft enamel pins

Get custom pins with your art or company logo. Soft enamel is about 40% cheaper than hard enamel. With this process, the paint is not level with the surface. Many people in the creative community prefer this finish because the pins tend to “catch the light’ a bit more than hard enamel.

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difference between hard soft enamelPick Soft Enamel Lapel Pins when

  • you want to save money
  • you want to use dyed metal instead of silver or gold. (like the white pin above)
  • you prefer the more textured look of this pin style

Soft Hard Enamel Lapel Pins FAQ’s

Is there a good reason to use soft  enamel?

This process is much cheaper than hard enamel. Artists and creatives have driven this product type to the top of the charts!  A lot of people are drawn to the more textured surface of the pin. We’ve been told that hard enamel pins are “for old people” by some of our customers probably due to this type of pin being used by service clubs, police and fire departments extensively in the past.


How does the pricing compare between hard and soft enamel pins?

Hard enamel is about 40% more depending on the price break you select. The reason it costs more is there is an extra step in the hard enamel manufacturing process. You can view the 8 steps to manufacture a lapel pin if you want to learn more. This picture below shows the liquid epoxy being place on a metal pin back.

enamel pin manufacturing


Do you offer art vectorizing or design service?

Yes! Art and design services are free. For more complex illustration style art, there may be a fee.  You can also check out our blog for