Custom Metal Finish Lapel Pins 2.00″

Custom Metal Finish Lapel Pins 2.00"

$1.72 - $16.08

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Quantity Price
25 - 49 $16.08
50 - 99 $8.85
100 - 299 $5.80
300 - 499 $3.72
500 - 999 $2.98
1000 - 2999 $2.30
3000 - 4999 $1.97
5000+ $1.72
Stamping Mold $125.00

Custom Metal Finish Lapel Pins 2.00″

$1.72 - $16.08

Custom Metal Finish Lapel Pins

These pins have the look and feel of “quality”.  This process is often used for uniforms, logo pins and employee service awards.

Adding a Sandfrost/Sandblasting finish to the base metal helps these pins stand out from the rest.

  • Sandfrosting/Sandblasting mutes the shine of the final design
  • Has A Jewelry Quality To The Pin

Our company has been supplying custom metal finish lapel pins since 1971! Get your company logo or art made into beautiful and unique lapel pins.

View our buyer’s guide and review finishing options at our blog Enamelpin.Info

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  • Pricing for 2.00″ size
  • Setup Fee $125 (why so much?)
  • Any logo or shape
  • Lead time: 3-4 weeks


What is your minimum order for custom pins?

Our minimum order quantity for custom lapel pins is 50pc. You should be aware that every 50pc order carries a $1 a unit fee for ordering less than 100pc.

Ask us for a quote for 100pc just so you can compare, and ideally, get more custom enamel pins. Read our article that outlines the hidden costs of buying enamel pins with no minimum.

How much to custom pin buttons cost?

Our hard enamel lapel pins range in pricing from $1.09 – $15.00 based on the size and quantities ordered.

Our most popular size, 1.00″ hard enamel lapel pin ranges in price from $1.77 – $10.50 each plus the mold fee.

Pricing is subject to change upon receipt of art. BUY NOW

How long does my custom enamel pin order take?

Our enamel pin factory ships most orders in under three weeks. Rush order requests are welcome but we can’t ship any order in less than 10 working days.

There are a couple of seasonal events that affect your ability to get pins in less than 4-6 weeks. (ie- Chinese Lunar New Year)

What are your artwork requirements?

We ask for vector art (.ai, .pdf, .eps) created by a program like Adobe Illustrator if possible. Otherwise, we can work with any format you desire. For quoting purposes you can send us a JPG or PNG.  We will vectorize any artwork free of charge. Alternatively, we can design the pin for you, free of charge.

We’ve been in this business since 1971, so we’ll make sure your custom enamel pin design looks awesome as an enamel pin.

Did you know we have the best enamel pin design website? Visit

Are you an enamel pin factory?

We import all our pins from our trusted partner in China. Our family owned and operated a lapel pin manufacturing facility in Central Alberta, Canada for almost 30 years which has since ceased operation around 2002.

We work with a trusted importer who has offices in both Canada and the USA offering us legal protection and the ability to rate our factory on a distributor’s site.  We have a video that shows you the pitfalls of going China direct. [hint: we remove all that risk and hassle for you!]

What is the difference between hard and soft enamel?

The short answer is that soft enamel costs less. The paint is not level with the surface so less paint is used.

Hard enamel lapel pins have paint level with the surface of the pin which leads to a more sophisticated and quality look.

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enamel pin difference hard and soft enamel