2.50″ Custom Medals
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2.50" Custom Medals

$4.45 - $46.36

Please select a quantity to see your price quote. The setup fee is added to your cart at checkout.

Quantity Price
10 $46.36
10 - 29 $46.36
30 - 49 $24.25
50 - 99 $14.74
100 - 299 $10.27
300 - 499 $7.70
500 - 999 $5.99
1000 - 2999 $4.95
3000+ $4.45
Stamping Die $110.00

2.50″ Custom Medals

$4.45 - $46.36

2.50″ Custom Sport Medals

This size medal offers the most value for the dollar of all the custom sport medals we sell.

After you checkout, we work with you on developing your custom sports medal until it’s production-ready.

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Pricing Info

  • $110 Setup Fee per order. (Why so much?)
  • Minimum Order 10pc.
  • Tell us about bronze, silver gold quantities after you order
  • FREE Standard Coloured Ribbon
  • FREE choice of electroplating or paint ( Pricing is for Soft Enamel)
  • FREE art and shipping

To Get Started, Pick Some Options

Optional Upgrades For Custom Medals

Our medal experts will work with you after you checkout to customize your award medals. Once you complete the checkout process, we’ll start working with you immediately to create a medal package. You’ll get free art and suggestions if you want them. Upgrades will be handled in a separate transaction after you buy. 

How much to custom medals cost?

Custom die struck medals

    • $4-10 each
    • Lead Time: 2-3 weeks
    • Perfect for tournaments, provincial and national events
    • full-custom
    • ribbons included in price

Why do stamping fees cost so much?

setup fees explained


The reason it’s called the “die struck” process is we use a tool (a hydraulic press) to strike a mold and imprint your design. The manufacturing process for this component is expensive to produce, often taking 7-10 hours for a simple design. The steel itself is costly and the factory recycles our molds every two years unless it’s an active account. Read more.

Can I engrave my custom medals?


    Custom medals are stamped from zinc. We don’t advise engraving them the same way stock medals are engraved. The grey base metal will show through. Instead we offer two choices.

    Laser Engraving: We create a blank, raised metal area on your medal and laser engrave digits or a message of your choosing. Adds $0.30 per medal. Get Info…

    laser engraved award medals

    Silk-screening: If you have multiple medals with the same title, silk-screening can be the way to go. Get Info…

Can I customize my neck ribbons?

Yes! You can customize your neck ribbons by either adding an imprint to a plain ribbon or going full custom. Once you place your order we can review the options for custom neck ribbons.

Personalized Neck Ribbons:

  • Silkscreen the message of your choice on neck ribbons for a fee.
  • $40 setup fee plus $0.30 run charge per ribbon.

screened ribbons

Custom Dyed Neck Ribbon:

  • Pantone number matched ribbons. Add $30
  • This adds 7-10 working days to your timeline.

Full Colour Dye Sublimated:

  • Imprint and edge to edge design or full colour image


Additional Information

Step 1: Medal Customization

Antiqued, Painted, Sandrost, Not Sure Yet

Step 3: Pick Ribbon Attachment Style

Clip On Ribbons, Sewn On Ribbons

Step 2: PIck Ribbons

Black-25-06, Blue-25-03, Green-25-02, Pink-25-07, Red 25-04, Tri-Red-White-Blue-25-08, White-25-01, Yellow-25-05